Frequently Asked Questions


Q What sort of BBQ can I use at Braeside Park?

A Electric BBQs are available for public use. Portable gas BBQs are permitted, except during Total Fire Ban days.


Q Can I bring my dog to Braeside Park?

A Unfortunately for dog owners, Braeside Park is a dog-free park.


Q What time does Braeside Park close?

A The Rangers close the park before dark, but you can exit the park at anytime though the one-way spikes at the Lower Dandenong Road exit.


Q What time does Braeside Park open?

A As soon as Rangers arrive, never after 8:30 am.


Q Can I book a site for marquee and a party?

A Please contact 13 19 63 for information regarding bookings.


Q How can I volunteer at Braeside Park?

A The Park has a Friends Group which carries out a variety of volunteer work in the Park, as well as such activities as bird-walks, guest speakers, day-trips, etc. Please contact 13 19 63 for more information, or have a look at the Activities and Contact information on this website.


Q There are people causing a disturbance in the picnic ground; what should I do about this?

A Notify staff member on duty or ring 000; please do not approach or try to talk to visitors behaving badly.



Des Lucas

Ranger in Charge